Phillip Island Schoolies

Rediscover Holiday Fun!

Phillip Island is all about having a fun and safe place by the sea for Victorians to enjoy their week away!

The island is your idyllic piece of Victorian paradise – a place you can get away from it all and enjoy the warmth and freedom around you – a fitting way to make the transition from high school to the next phase of your life – Fun and Freedom!

Discover the natural beaches, seaside villages with an array of shopping, Games, Ten Pin Bowling, alfresco dining and cafes, as well as the two great bars within walking distance for the schoolies hotel – ideal for those schoolies who want to head out for drinks in the evening – otherwise enjoy the schoolies atmosphere in the popular schoolies hotel roof top balcony or down by the beach during sunset!

Discover entertaining and interactive Phillip Island experiences for everyone. Stay more than a week and you might even get to enjoy them all!

Phillip Island is the Fun, Safe and Friendly way to have an Absolutely Awesome Schoolies Week!

HOT TIP: Staying at the Official Schoolies Hotel is a Must! This makes all the difference when it comes to having a great schoolies week – The Official Schoolies hotel has especially been selected as it is the more fun and suitable location – and is the Official Headquarters and centre of action during schoolies week on Phillip Island. The Red Frogs (Schoolies-assistants) will also be staying at the hotel, helping ensure that everyone is having a great time, and ensuring that anyone in need is taken care of.

Phillip Island Schoolies

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Phillip Island Schoolies

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Phillip Island SchooliesWe love Phillip Island and know you will too, so contact us today and experience Schoolies in this unique paradise.

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